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Pinball Machines / Parts WANTED. WDB095-Williams / Bally WPC95 Driver Board 1B1111 1B1111/0 1B1165 1B1165/0 1B1165/1 1B1165/2 1B1166 afficheur AS-2518-15 AS-2518-21 AS-2518-58 Bally Bell Games board cmos CPU D-12232 DA-100 DA-300 Data East diagnostic display DMD Dot matrix DRAM driver flipper G2 IC led Midway MPU nvram PIA ram repair Replacement RIOT SRAM Stern System 11A System 11B Tester Williams Zaccaria Category listing of pinball Boards - CPU & Microprocessor. com : Specializing in . Can I rebuild the HV portion of my Data East Star Trek Pinball? Keeps Quality Board Repair - In Home Service 314-766-4587. > Major repairs will be needed. PinSound is very easy to install in your pinball machine, this is a plug and play sound board. $150 shipped anywhere in the US. Only entries added to the database in the last two weeks are listed here. Introduction; There are a few different versions of the Data-east CPU's. However, if you want to save some money, you can bring your pinball or arcade machine to us. Williams / Data East / Bally boards, and you are correct, they do replace them with NEW designs that are more efficient, and drive down the cost of the boards. This protects the boards from Electro-Static Discharge (ESD). 1994 Data East Guns N’ Roses All classic pinball machines have been thoroughly reconditioned with a 40 point checklist including and include a 60-day warranty. We contacted Eric Winston, one of the Data East tech engineers who brought Tommy to life, for his comments. Serving Los Angeles and the entire Southern California area. Topper and shaker motor, lamp sign Mr. 847-515-3415 Data East/Sega/Stern 090-5020-30 Flipper Coil Excl. We also service Arcade Video Games, Air Hockey Tables, Touch Screen Games, and Jukebox Machines. Newer Post Older Post Home. Williams; Bally; Stern; Gottlieb; Sega; Data East; Additionally, we can repair the less-common brands but may need you to bring in the entire game if we don’t have one in our collection at that time. Quickly and reliably, with most repairs completed within a week. 1994 Data East - GUNS N' ROSES pinball . Personal friend of mine. One speaker might be out of phase. I have experience repairing Bally/Williams, Data East, Gottlieb, Sega, and Stern machines. 76. PAL chip used at location U20 on 520-5050 sound board in Data East May 10, 2016 · This entry was posted in Repairs and tagged burnt connector, data east, general illumination, NC, north carolina, Pinball, repair, star wars, trifucon. Game CompatibilityBatman, Checkpoint, Hook, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesKit Contents(all radial)1 - 1,000uf/25v (C1)4 - 4,700uf/35v (C4)2 - 100uf/250v (C10, C11)2 - 22uf/50v (C14, C15)1 - 150uf/100v (C8)1 - 100uf/50v (C2)1 Classic Arcade Game Pinball Machine Sales Service Repair Arcades At Home has over 35 years of experience in restoring, servicing, and selling pinball machines, arcade games, and jukeboxes. 00. Contact us before sending a board in for repair. See our Services page for more information on the other types of coin-op game repairs we perform. This is a drop in replacement for Williams pinball machines using the System 7 – 11b power supply board. If all the boards sent in for repair under one particular shipment are tested and found to be 'no faults found', the first board is charged at $35. And of course Star Wars Episode 1 was the last machine to be made by the mighty Williams in 1999, less said about that game or the movie the better ;) 1993 Data East Last Action Hero Crane Gear Box Repair. Based in Southern Indiana, will ship worldwide! Until I get a real site put together, contact me for more information - sales@thatpinballplace. driver board and cpu board . T are some jumper fixes on the solder side. 00 Does anyone have a MPU board for sale? Mine has some demons that I cannot solve. Oct 18, 2008 · Data East Power Supply (520-5047-00, 520-5047-01 and 520-5047-02) The repair information here is only intended for anybody who has electronics repair experience, and is only a guide. Pinball in Australia and have a large inventory of parts and are also reproducing various pinball parts. Posted 5/27/13 12:14 PM, 12 messages DIP switch settings for Data East setup. Tested and working. It’s a great game with a ton going on, but there was a fundamental flaw in the initial design of the game which caused lots of problems. Will also work on all Electromechanical (EM) games. The magnet board is under the playfield and held on with four 1/4" screws and two plugs. TNT Amusements, Retail   FULL TILT LED's pinball MOD's are hand picked by collectors from the most State Electronic Repair Services; Williams – Bally – Stern – Data East – Sega – Gottlieb Upgrades – Re-Rubber kits – Flipper services – Electronic Board Repairs. Got a Guns N Roses pinball a long time ago as a restore project (traded my Bram Stokers Dracula for it), my friend got a message to me on AIM (I left it in my friends care) and asked if i knew what was wrong, basically when she turned it on there was nothing there (just the playfield lights would turn on) The only thing i can tell from my current location is that the CPU board went out. Mounted one switch on the left side, and the other facing the opposite way on the right (where the LEDs were mounted) and aligned so the rollers would meet the middle of the ball. In Stock. If We can't fix it, We'll Buy it. I run a website called Pinformer which is a user updatable database of pinball sightings throughout the UK (and actually worldwide), and have kept it ticking along over the past few years or so. Great place to buy a first game. Tax: AU$30. This one required removal of quite a few parts but the traces weren’t too bad. Data East's WWF Royal Rumble. 99 – $ 19. There is a RAM missing at 8F is that normal or must there be a ram in that socket ?( schematic says yes) I did try with a 6116 as replacement for the original ( missing) TMM2016 still no Additional notes, the Data East 128x16 display is different than the 128x32 display that is used in many other machines. On initial inspection there seemed to be a few issues with the board that needed to be resolved. 59 Arcade Game Arcade Logic, Data East Pinball, RoboCop Instruction Manual $5. Call us at 830-598-2694, or Email us! Acid damage on circuit boards can be brutal, and it can seem like there is no hope. death star for tri-ball jackpots. New Jersey, Long Island, New York, New York City also! If you have a pinball machine you would like to sell, please E-Mail me at optimumct@gmail. There were multiple faults and corrosion, but I got there in the  28 Jul 2018 In this episode I go over a data east pinball circuit board that needed to be troubleshooted and repaired. Testing the lamp matrix columns using two test leads, a  30 Apr 2018 Let's look at a weird Data East MPU problem. A. Mobile or shop service available. In stock. New & improved version over the DPS004 of years ago: Higher efficiency +5V regulator, bumped +5V to +5. Note the Molex header pins soldered here. Common Solid State Games Bally/Stern (classic) 1977-1985 Bally/Stern Repair 1985-1989 Bally 6803 Repair Data East/Sega/Stern (modern) 1987-1995 Data East/Sega Repair Sega/Stern White Star Repair Stern S. Microswitch (Data East) Part # 515-5249-00 Last Action Hero (Data East) Crane Bottom Assembly Part # 515-5857-00 Last Action Hero (Data East) Crane Release Coil Assembly Part # 515-5889-00 Playfield Opto Emitter PC Board (Sega / Stern) Part # 520-5082-00 Playfield Opto Emitter/Receiver PC Board Set (Sega / Stern) Data East pinball sound board, model number 520-5002-01. If your sound isn't clear, check the phase. It not only includes the driver circuits for the LEDs, but it also contains a power supply, a CPU (Z80A), memory, EPROM chip for display code, and additional circuitry to support all these. The Coin-Op Cauldron-103 Armistead Lane, Easley, SC 29642-864-238-1707 Specialists in component level circuit board repair for Alvin G. 1993 Data East pinball based on the famous cartoon. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Data East - ROBOCOP. We also work on Solid State and Electro-Mechanical (EMs) machines as well. We service almost all pinball machines including Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Stern, Alvin G, Game Plan, Chicago Coin, Data East, Sega, Capcom, and the list goes on. We understand moving a pinball is difficult, so we can come to you. we repair pinball boards and machines . The Phantom of the Opera coin-operated Pinball by Data East (circa 1990), and it's history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists, and census survey is brought to you by The International Arcade Museum at the Museum fo the Game. Most components in the backbox and mechanisms on the playfield will need to be checked and serviced. Fuse Kit for Data East / SEGA Pinball All Fuses 6x32mm, 10 Pack 1x 3A (T) slow blow 1x 4A (T) slow blow 1x 5A (T) slow blow 1x 7A (T) slow blow 1x 8A (T) slow blow Summary: 5 x 10 Fuses = 50 Fuses Data East / SEGA Pinballs: Adventure of 1B1111 1B1111/0 1B1165 1B1165/0 1B1165/1 1B1165/2 1B1166 afficheur AS-2518-15 AS-2518-21 AS-2518-58 Bally Bell Games board cmos CPU D-12232 DA-100 DA-300 Data East diagnostic display DMD Dot matrix DRAM driver flipper G2 IC led Midway MPU nvram PIA ram repair Replacement RIOT SRAM Stern System 11A System 11B Tester Williams Zaccaria Pinball Machine Circuit Boards and Displays for Bally, Williams, Data East, Sega, Gottlieb and Stern Machines. Awaiting complete playfield & board set… PCB Repair Services . The display board uses +100V and -100V. Free Estimates 613-223-6108. New Arcade Parts,Used Arcade Parts,Arcade Spare Parts, Arcade Replacement Parts, Arcade Manuals, and Multigame Arcade Machines Largest slection of new and used arcade parts and manuals Upon receipt of your circuit board, a complete diagnostic is completed. Data East "Tommy" Pinball Machine Blinders PCB board Sega's FRANKENSTEIN head motor control board Products T Shirt GREY (with Todd On Back) - WITH POCKET $ 25. Free shipping . Anyway, I have a Data East Checkpoint that appears to have a fault on the CPU board, and it's about time I got this thing fixed. Untested, but probably not working Manufacturer: Data East: $40. Of all the boards that suffer from alkaline corrosion, Data East boards are the easiest to correct. Cuando el ROM de prueba es instalado en una tarjeta CPU y se enciende, el CPU hará los auto-diagnósticos y luego irá al modo "burn-in" inmediatamente sin intervención. back to the future; batman; checkpoint; guns n' roses; hook; jurassic park; laser war; last action hero; lethal weapon 3; monday night football; phantom of the opera; playboy - data east; robocop; rocky & bullwinkle; secret service; star trek; star wars; tales from the crypt; teenage mutant ninja; the simpsons; the who Pinball Repair. €12. Keep this in mind when repairing any 1987 to  The diode soldered to the circuit boards that hold the 555 lamps can also be tested in the same manner. The high voltage section of the WPC board occupies the bottom third of the board and most of the components in this section are subject to replacement when doing a high CAPACITOR REBUILD KIT for Data East Pinball Power Supply 520-5047-01, 02 - $30. Newly designed plug and play replacement Circuit Boards for pinball machines, using the very latest technology and components, to keep your machines working reliably for years. Data East Collectible Pinball Replacement Parts; Data East Collectible Pinball Replacement Parts. SOLD on 03-17-18. Tax: AU$33. Pinball LEDS - This is a full classic style LED kit for Stern Magic pinball machine. 3. DATA EAST PINBALL SOUND BOARD 520-5050-00 100% Working. Brand New Rottendog Mpu004 Mpu Board For Data East Pinball Machines - $359. star wars pinball machine by data east star wars pinball machine by. My background as a sales engineer and my experience as a pinball enthusiast has allowed me to be completely self-reliant when it comes to these kinds of repairs. In Other pinball products we sell: System 1, 80 & 80A Solenoid Driver Boards, Dot Matrix Display, DMD 128X32 Display, Data East 128x16 DMD, pinball LED score displays, Replacement scoreboard for CHEXX bubble Hockey. Aug 26, 2011 · Data East Pinball 520-5003-02 MPU PCB (Fort Worth) $1 VINTAGE BALL PINBALL MACHINE TOMMY THE PINBALL WIZARD (LILBURN) $1500 WTD: Pinball engineer to repair a Gottleib pinball machine We carry premium OEM replacement parts and playfield protectors for Data East and many other pinball machines. It features a mechanical backglass animation toy; that has Bullwinkle pull 3 different items out of the hat. Data East 520-5047-03 / 944200960 pinball Power Supply PCB 105C Cap Kit. Super Clean . driver board tester. The original power supplies INTERCONNECT REPAIR KIT (MPU to Driver) for Williams System 3-7 Pinball machines - $21. This board replaces original Williams part number D-8345-xxx or 117667 and Data East Part Number 520-5000-00. The DMD128x16 is easy to install and you don’t need to be a specialist to setup it as it is plug & play. Data East 520-5047-01 and 520-5047-02 Power Supply Cap KitWe only use high-quality Nichion, Panasonic, and SC new stock capacitors. If you don’t have an anti-static bag, *** REMOVE THE BATTERIES *** and then wrap the board (s) in a layer of aluminum foil. He got his Master of Science in Chemistry at the department of inorganic chemistry of Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv under the supervision of prof. Showing all 1 result The WhiteStar Board System was an arcade system board used for several pinball games designed by Sega Pinball and their successor, Stern Pinball, between 1995 and 2005. Serving East… In February 2013, I researched compatibility of this tester with DataEast/Data East boards and found that my tester could be used with a specific procedure, so I added this section to the manual. Many board issues were caused by pinballs being stored away for years with the batteries still in place. Comet LEDs – My new go-to place for LEDs, best price/quality available. It started out Ray's Pinball Tech Tips #16 - Circuit Board Repair / "It's All CRAP?" - Duration:  15 Oct 2013 Here is a repair on a very poor condition, very faulty Data East Pinball CPU PCB. You can find out more about our pinball board repair service here. If you can pry out an IC, you can do this. The Motion Control is a plug'n plag shaker kit for your pinball machine. 1 The Data East Board Set. 439$ For board repair enquiries, call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677. Simply return any defective item for free replacement or repair. Data east -Karate Champ Bezel - used. Cleaners - Polishing Products : Covers - Cabinet Pinball Armor-Northbrook, IL 60062 Data East Jurassic Park Pinball Machine Fully shopped with LEDs. Way back in 1980 Hankin released their great looking Empire Strikes Back . Repair site user login: User: Pass: PinRepair. 1978 Stern Nugent Full Restoration. Our bulbs are high quality LEDs that are made especially for pinball machines. Key Benefits: BRAND NEW WDP3211A Power Supply Board for Williams 3-11 & Data East pinball - $188. Universal flipper board that works in all Data East / Sega pinball games that Pinball Medic sells new replacement Williams, Bally, Stern and Data East style Pinball machine boards. 1994 Data East - WWF ROYAL RUMBLE pinball. Bookmark the permalink . Discover a new dimension of your favorite game with an immersive and enhanced shaker experience! Description. Browse over 30,000 in-stock pinball parts at Marco Specialties Or buy a fully working pinball game and not need to repair it for years to come. Resolution. • BALLY 6803 → 6116 NVRAM • SEGA/STERN WHITESTAR → 6264 OR 62256 NVRAM (check IC at U212, see website) • DATA EAST → 6264 NVRAM (except Laser War) CPU Node Board for Stern Spike Systems. With a game ROM Oct 06, 2019 · Specialties: Repairs for most make and model jukeboxes and pinball machines including antiques. Service, Restoration & Repair on all pinball machines by Bally – Williams – Stern – Gottlieb – Data East – SEGA – Capcom. Just delivered this Data East Star Trek to a good guy down in Sierra Vista. Please contact us for pricing information. 99 – $ 12. 8-Way Power Splitter Board For Stern Pinball Machines Using The SPIKE & SPIKE 2 System. regards, Damian The Pinball Resource stocks the broadest range and deepest solution of pinball parts in the world, the most manufacturers, and largest quantity within each maker. The color of the capacitors might change as we restock, but they will always be the same aforementioned, fresh, brand name parts. 99 This is a drop in replacement for Williams pinball machines using the System 7 – 11b power supply board. 00 Flat Rate Plus Parts / $25 Return Shipping fee for both Repaired or Returned Non-Repaired Boards. Rottendog MPU004 pinball control board parts. If you need to see more listings, view the entire list. Our light strips come pre-wired for 12vdc and is powered by the coin door connector. so this meant replacement of the  NEW Bally Pinball AS-2518-51 Universal Replacement Sound Board $100 shipped New replacement Data East / Sega Pinball 520-5065-00 PCB. Followers. MPU, Solenoid Driver, Display Driver boards. Using my DMM I could see that when the problem occurred, the voltage would be around +/-50V. The board on the upper right is a 50 volt flipper power supply, again from Williams' System11 series of games. Elkhart Pinball Inc technician can repair all Bally, Williams, Gottlieb EM's and Gottlieb System 3, Data-East, Sega, Stern, Alvin G, and Chicago Coin, Electro-Mechanical pinball with flippers, and most Solid State pinball machines. Data East Laser War Takes 5 minutes to boot up Symptom. PART OF PLANETARY PINBALL! Parts Category Index Game Parts. Pavel KHODAKOVSKIY. 00 Sound Board Capacitor Repair Rebuild Kit for Williams System 6 - 7 Pinball - V2 Big Daddy is a pinball parts web site geared towards the small hobby collector. cpu board tester. See our Services page for more information on the other types of coin-op game repairs we Postdoctoral Fellows. Data-east repair CPU-board. Right: the solder (socket) side of a lamp board. Sold Phantom of the Opera Pinball Machine Data East Sold Junk Yard Pinball Machine Bally Sold Strange Science Pinball Machine * Bally Big Daddy Enterprises Pinball 359 followers bigdaddyenterprises_pinball ( 10208 bigdaddyenterprises_pinball's Feedback score is 10208 ) 100. 1994 Gottlieb - FREDDY - NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET pinball. main site. Often these Molex pin solder joints crack or become fatigued, preventing the lamp(s) from working. Williams – Bally – Stern – Data East – Sega – Gottlieb – Allied – Premier – Capcom – Midway – Namco Pinball LED lamp Upgrades – Re-Rubber kits – Flipper services – Electronic Board Repairs I perform in home pinball and circuit board repair as well as tune up pinball machines. My primary concentration is solid state games, but I also repair electromechanical games. In February 2013, I researched compatibility of this tester with DataEast/Data East boards and found that my tester could be used with a specific procedure, so I added this section to the manual. If you've ever reseated this connector and it "fixed" it, that's a red flag it's time to replace. The upper left board is a Williams System 11 sound board, which interfaces to the 6803 CPU board through a small board to the right of the sound board. Fully shopped – LED upgraded – Inner cabinet Art blades – Dinosaur figure MODs – Runs perfect! Lots of action, exciting multiball modes, T-Rex ball eating feature, rumbler/ shaker lets you feel T-Rex coming! $4499 One of the most common repairs I do is related to burnt connectors for the lights on a pinball machine. Clear Dome; Frosted Dome; Flexible 90° Angle Leads Data East; Jersey Jack Pinball; Rarebird Pinball; Retro Pinball; Data East Coin Meter Board . No matter if it is a pinball machine or arcade game in your house, in a bar, or in an arcade. Here is a chart listing easy and hard to do pins. Buying Pinball Machines in Connecticut and entire New England area. We warranty the electronics for 30 days. Used for  Great resource for parts and supplies. net Infinite Board Repair - Service, repair, and tech support for 1980 and up for all Pinball circuit boards and any most video game boards. You can get the values and Planetary Pinball – These people purchased the Bally/WMS rights from Mr. 0% bigdaddyenterprises_pinball has 100% positive Feedback Big Daddy Enterprises specializes in pinball repair kits, parts and pinball related electronics for Bally, Stern, Gottlieb and Williams. Pavel Khodakovskiy was born in Ukraine in 1979. There are many top tech guys here that do data East board work. this has been modified for dmd and 7 digit display . 0 #1 8 years ago Pinball parts and electronics, K'sArcade offers repair and the largest supply of pinball circuit boards, new or reconditioned. The PPB board is downward compatible (but not to games with the MRB board!). Pinball Mods; Pinball Circuit Board Repair; Misc Services 602-386-9356 Firebird Jurassic Park Pinball Machine * Data East Sold Monster Bash Pinball Machine * Williams Electronics, Inc. Data East. Our Price: $ 295. The game wasn’t delivering any 68V through the circuit, so this section needed to be repaired. Everything works excellently, except for the The issue is with the power supply board (which is out for repair). #520-5015-00: MRB board, used from Laser War and Secret Service only. Authorized Stern Pinball Sales, Parts, and Service. Item discovered at ebay. 0. The original PPB boards that this board replaces are Data East part numbers: 520-5021-00 and 520-5021-05. 3KB)PDF If at all possible, place your boards in anti-static bags, especially during the dry winter months. The CPU does not boot correctly. , Bally, Capcom, Data East, Game Plan, Gottlieb, Sega, Stern and Williams. The Data East Star Wars Pinball is becoming harder and harder to find. in this video I show how to test diodes,  Pinball parts and electronics, K'sArcade offers repair and the largest supply of Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega, Stern Pinball, Capcom, Game Plan. and display tester. About Us Contact Us Frequent Questions. Supports the following Pinball machines: ABC Monday Night Football, Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, Back to the Future, Batman (Data East), Batman Forever, Baywatch, Checkpoint, Guns N' Roses, Hook, Jurassic Park, Laser War, Last Action Hero, Lethal Weapon 3, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, Maverick, Phantom of the Opera, Playboy Jan 30, 2018 · Pinball and Video Game Repair Notes. Game Compatibility (see note in red below)The (JAN 1, 2020) BAY AREA AMUSEMENTS – NOW . williams system 3-7 pinball test fixture. TNT Amusements: Retail game sales near Philadelphia, PA. Questions and Answers/Trouble shooting: Q: Connector CN3 does not match the same number of pins as the harness connector! What do I do? A: Data East was going to offer a line printer option so game stats could be printed; however, the feature was never implemented in software. All jumpers are correctly set for 1 27c512 eprom. Vitaly V. I have a number of original pinball test fixtures, Bally,Stern, Williams, Gottlieb Sys1, Sys80, Data East, Hankin. data east star wars pinball machine w/ led’s - great family game r2d2 c3po. You could send the original board to repair even if you already have a new board, so you have the original board repaired as a spare board. 00 and the remaining boards are $15. It is important to be able to identify the different versions when performing diagnosis and testing. We will always use a 27512 eprom . Pinball replacement circuit boards from Rottendog Amusements, Alltek Systems, Ni-Wumph, Swemmer Electronics, Pinpoint Electronics, Gulf Pinball, Great Lakes Modular, Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega, Stern Pinball, Capcom, Game Plan. the simpsons data east (slk) the simpsons pinball party (slk) the soprano's (slk) south park (slk) spiderman stern (slk) star trek data east (slk) star trek pro/premium/le stern (slk) star wars data east (slk) star wars stern (slk) striker xtreme (slk) tales from the crypt (slk) teenage mutant ninja turtles (slk) terminator 3 (slk) the munsters Board is untested. Rottendog WDB095 Pinball Driver Board compatible with Williams WPC95 pinball games. The most reliable pinball machines are the ones that have received proper maintenance and care. to the display board and found the 5v rail was down (around 4. lamp driver tester. data east is the ultimate family. Zoar. I received this pin in very poor condition. pinball (More info?) I received a data east sound board type 520-5002-02. Also if you get any speaker hum, install nylon washers between the sound board and it's screws. Advanced sound board for pinball machine. #520-5021-00: PPB board, used from Torpedo Alley to Jurassic Park. $104. Offers full warrentees and stands behind products. Bally/Williams WPC. Although it is not completely necessary to fix a Data East or Sega pinball machine, having a game specific manual can be extremely Game System Repair Guides. See Category listing of pinball Data East. So closely, that DataEast's system of pinball circuit boards resembled Williams' system at that time (System 11). com See more similar items → “ used item UNTESTED sold for parts or repair data east pinball power 500-5021-00 UNTESTED arcade game PCB BOARD B19 UNTESTED Stern Pinball Topper Node (JAN 1, 2020) BAY AREA AMUSEMENTS – NOW . He did not specifically recall this game or the white airplane but he did say that the 'P' on the airplane meant ' prototype ' and the 545-5483-00 is a part number, and the signature below it would be Ed Cebula who would sign off on the part. best winding ramp shots in. Expert Jukebox and Pinball Machine Repair and Restoration. Share this! By Jgel 8 years ago. G. com main site. Data East Last Action Hero CRANE Targets Not Resetting Symptom. In the case of Data East games, the notch goes to the right side of the game on the CPU board. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR GAME IS LISTED BELOW! See game listing below. 00 Incl. Pinball repair services (onsite and workshop based) - Pinball Heaven October 25th, 2016 […] board for your pinball machine. pinball as well as many targets. The original Data East pinball Machine from the mid 90’s. 00 each. power supply. 89. Data East, Gottlieb Pinball Medic sells new replacement Williams, Bally, Stern and Data East style Pinball machine boards. 1974 Gottlieb Sky Jump Playfield Swap. 15V to help eliminate resets, added protection for people shorting high voltage to ground. Data East came out with a fix involving a replacement part that is now unobtainable. 520-5068-01 $79. Author: Wayne Eggert Date: 2/9/2012. $36. The good news is that most Data East, Sega and Stern (Whitestar) and early Bally pinball machines have RAM in a socket. The Pinball Wizard has Thousands of Pinball Machine Parts - Shop By Game - LED Bulbs - LED's - Circuit Boards - Speakers - Rubber Ring Kits - Pinballs - Plastics - Playfield - Posts - Cabinet Parts - Rubber Rings - Electronics - Coils - Flipper Rebuild Kits and Parts - Game Specific - Shop By Game - and MUCH MORE! Pinball Magic Playboy (Data East) Playboy (Stern) Police Force Popeye Radical Revenge From Mars Rick and Morty Ripley's Believe It or Not Roadshow Rob Zombie Rocky & Bullwinkle RollerCoasterTycoon Rolling Stones Safecracker Scared Stiff Secret Service Shadow, The Sharkey's Shootout Shrek Simpsons Pinball Party, The Simpsons, The (Data East) Data East Power Supply Board issue Pinball Classics > You might want to consider sending the board out for repair. Ottawa Pinball Sales Boutique. New PCBs Repair & Conversion Kits Data East / Sega 520-5065-00 Motor Board $25 + $3 shipping. Compatibility of the Data East 520-5047-00. We specialize in Pinball Repair from all manufactures! and any age from EM's, Solid States, and Modern DMD games from Stern, Bally, Williams, Gotilieb, Sega, Data East, and Capcom. See New Replacement Pinball Boards Our labor cost is $70 per hour plus parts for electronic board repair. Using the invaluable resource at pinrepair. This is true for Version 1 (single row alpha) , and Version 2 boards (dual row alpha), and mostly true for Version 3 (DMD - see below). 1991 Gottlieb Class of 1812 Refurb. Definitely did not get a super deal on this machine, but that's okay =) It's been heavily routed and really in need of a good shop to get it back up and running well. PPB001- Playfield Power Board (PPB) used in most Data East pinball machines. 1) Open the lower front coin door. If you do not have anti-static bags, then you can wrap your boards in aluminum foil and then cushion them with bubble wrap to insure adequate protection. Sold Charlie’s Angels Pinball Machine Gottlieb Sold Starship Troopers Pinball Machine Sega Pinball, Inc. Board Schematics. First, remove the glass and pull the playfield onto its supports. test sound boards. BEST quality, low ESR, and longest life capacitors included. MPU for all late model Bally® and Stern® pinball machines. Replacement driver Data East - Last Action Hero - 1993 - Repair & Service Log 15th March 2016, 09:18 PM Normally, the new machines I bring home are projects and need a thorough service before even thinking about putting some play into them. Our Price: $ 199. In-Home Pinball Service - Specialize in the in-home repair of pinball games from the 1940s to present and dome hockey - Based in lower Michigan. Data East 520-5000-00 Pinball Linear Power Supply 105C Cap Kit and used on games such as Secret Service, Back to the Future, Laser War, Monday Night Football, Phantom of the Opera, Playboy, Robocop, The Simpsons, Time Machine, Torpedo Alley and other pinballs or any other game with this power supply. WAV095-Williams WPC95 Audio / Visual Board - Discontinued. Guides that are otherwise not available on the above-mentioned sites. This board replaces the original Data East 128×16 DMD dot matrix plasma display with its LED technology. Power Supply Repair Kit for Data East pinball machines (Board 520-5000-00) $31. Sent the MPU board to Coin Service Technology for repair. I n Las Vegas: (702) 326-7079 , Long Beach, Orange County, and even the Los Angeles area. This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM power supply. SOLID STATE; ELECTRO-MECHANICAL; Game Category Index [Data East USA] Documentation: 10 MB PDF : English Manual (with paginated schematics; board diagrams are in color) [Data East Pinball] 72 KB PDF : Instruction Cards [Data East (Stern)] Multimedia Files: 23 MB: MPG : Video Of Game In Action [Kevin Wayte] Files: 484 KB PDF : Quick Reference Card [Data East USA] Images: (click to zoom) - Game Service & Repair - Games for Sale Motor for use in some Data East pinball games. LED Lighting #44/#47 1-SMD Premium Ghost Buster LED. 12), with a quick disconnect. Data East CPU board repair / swap. DOWNLOAD PINBALL BOARD REPAIR REQUEST FORM (59. Rottendog MPU004 for Data East and Sega Now with NVRAM. Problem: game does  The quality of our replacement parts is outstanding as is our vast selection of and new parts from Williams, Bally/Midway and Data East/Sega/Stern Pinball as   Coin Operated Pinball Circuit Board Repair fix Solid State Service by Mail or Repair Shop. Luckily Pinball4All specializes in circuit board repair. From Electro-mechanic to solid-state, I repair nearly everything! I service Williams, Bally, Bally/Midway, Data East, Sega Pinball, Capcom Pinball, Game Plan, all Gottlieb games including Premier and all Stern games both classic and current. No 50 volts handled by this board (and hence, no TIP36c transistors). It was used in Monday Night Football, Back to The Future, Phantom of The Opera, Playboy 35th Anniversary, Robocop, Secret Service, Time Machine, and Torpedo Alley pinball machines. DATA EAST PINBALL Machine Power Supply Board - $143. Systems 3 through 11 and DataEast boards. We carry many of the most commonly needed flipper, pop bumper and kick out and other coils. Pinball Pimp does all things pinball. Pinball Classifieds: Pinball Machines For Sale: Recent Entries The following entries are sorted by date with the most recent first. 25 Jun 2019 The board I received was a Data East 520-5047-00 revision C – which is The 3. The $35. Guns and Roses is one of Data East’s most desirable pinball machines, if not their most valuable. M. This is a fun and clean family game. Note the diodes mounted to the board, and the use of 555 bulbs. 11 – 3. The 6802 processor, 6264 RAM chip and Game chips are all tested and known good in another board. Flipper return spring for Williams, Bally, Data East and other pinball machines. Dr. Trades Welcome! Canadian Pinball Parts Online Store & Flea Market, New & Used Parts. If you send me your board I will repair it and send it back to you. GDI - Red Alert Bezel - used Gottlieb - CLEOPATRA (rear - flaking) - $200 Gottlieb - DRAGON (rear - flaking) - $225 Gottlieb - DUOTRON (NOS) - $350 Gottlieb - GRAND SLAM (rear -flaking) Gottlieb - JUNGLE (rough) - $125USD Does anyone have a MPU board for sale? Mine has some demons that I cannot solve. See game listing below to see which games this driver board supports. Cheaper rates if you can get the pinball to the  15 Jun 2015 Phantom of the Opera pinball machine by Data East Repaired By Lee Davey. repair related items for circuit board repairs. Aussie Pinball and I can take no responsibility if you cause serious damage to your machine by repairing the circuit board yourself. If you are a Star Wars or Pinball fan…this is the one to own! Mar 12, 2011 · Hello All Long time pinball player new owner of first pinball at home machine. We repair all Sega, Data East, and Stern old and new pinballs! In shop or your home. Highlighting a lot of Data East Pinball available for sale on the internet. 1976 Bally Night Rider. Varenr 520-6936-01. Our services include: Mar 16, 2020 · → Pinball Maintenance and Repair Weird PacDrive LED Driver Board behavior Sound problems with Data East Star Wars pinball Specializes in Data East and Sega. Visit our show room in Comstock Park or call 866-794-GAME. Jul 23, 2015 · Data East Pinball Flipper Power Board Repair Posted on July 23, 2015 by Matthew Mandarano Did a flipper rebuild on a Data East Hook not too long ago and afterwards was having a hold problem on the right flipper. Pinball Machine Circuit Boards and Displays for Bally, Williams, Data East, Sega, Gottlieb and Stern Machines. 04. There are 40 machines in the database for this manufacturer. This boardset, like most  PPB001- Playfield Power Board (PPB) used in most Data East pinball machines. Yes Cody, prodly raise the sign to return the $150 Twilight Zone Clock Board that is a EXACT repleca of the Williams board. MPU004. Manufacturers include Bally, Williams, Gottlieb and Data East. Most of them are on solid state machines built by Williams and Data East. 99 ROBOCOP TARGET BODY ARMOUR-NEW MATERIAL * LIFETIME WARRANTY $19. Pinball sales, pinball repair, pinball service, pinball machines. Data East’s The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard. Bulbs Lamps / LED's / Lighting Accessories. If you find yourself facing one of these problems or any other issue with your pinball machine, […] Log in to Reply The location of the lock lever on a Sega / Data East / Stern pinball machine from the mid-90’s. But for this " repair manual " only one difference is significant, and that is witch type of Eprom is in location 5C. The board I received was a Data East 520-5047-00 revision C – which is Jurassic Park Pinball Machine. Add to On-site repair service; 11930 Oak Creek Parkway, Huntley, IL 60142, USA. Board is untested. Fresh rubber and posts. SOLID STATE; ELECTRO-MECHANICAL; Game Category Index This is a well made, professional looking board which does exactly what it says it does – replaces the aging servo PCB board in Tommy. As title says i'm looking for a pinball repair guy in Toronto that does in home service to give my Data East 1991 Batman a once over. board. It is the successor to Data East Pinball / Sega Pinball's Version 3 system, derived from System 11 hardware, copied from Williams. Note: I have several repaired System 9 and 11 boards for sale, and I also repair System 3-  Specializing in pinball repair kits and pinball related electronics for. It has a 7 MPU LED flash 0113: 1993 Dataeast Rocky and Bullwinkle pinball repair. Each board is repaired to the component level with live testing on all repaired boards. Circuit board repairs. Classic Bally / Stern – all boards Williams – all boards No Gottlieb Data East / Sega / Stern: limited repairs. We offer a local pickup, and delivery service, competitive pricing & quality workmanship. System Repair Stern SPIKE System Repair Listing all Data East pinball machines sorted by date in descending order. Data East used several different board generations. Most repair facilities will NOT repair your circuit board after it has been unsuccessfully repaired ("hacked"). These games are all over 30 years old, and replacing this interconnect section will solve a lot of lock up, boot up and intermittent problems you may be having with your game. Over time, this connector 1994 Bally - WORLD CUP SOCCER pinball 1994 Data East - MAVERICK pinball . Data East Laser Wars PS-10877- P Out of Stock (Not Discountable) Pinscore PS-11610 For Williams System 11A, 11B, and Data East V2 Complete Display Replacement Big Guns Cyclone F-14 Tomcat(Later Games) Fire! Space Station Swords of Fury Data East Playboy 35 th Anniversary Data East Secret Service Data East Time Machine Data East Torpedo Alley Apr 13, 2011 · original board is fixable for sure. The original PPB boards that this board replaces are Data East part numbers: 520-. Williams Bally and Data East may not be producing pinball machines anymore, but they have created some of the best pinball games around. Pavlishchuk in 2001. This game belongs to Elkhart Pinball Inc. a shaker motor, a control board (with an output relay feature) and everything you need to easily install it on your pinball machine. Since these pinball repair documents have been available, repair facilities are reporting a dramatic increase in the number of ruined ("hacked") circuit boards sent in for repair. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Upgraded Power Supply board compatible with all Data East small and medium sized DMD pinball games, and large DMD games in certain circumstances. Just plug Last Action Hero Pinball (Data East) – ROM Upgrade chip $ 9. We also repair Zaccaria ( Gen1 & Gen2) mpu, sound , power boards, including upgrades etc. FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with an expert technician! CALL NOW! 941-248-3983 We cover a wide range of game repair. WDB008-Williams WPC 8 driver board. If you are a Star Wars or Pinball fan…this is the one to own! repair related items for circuit board repairs. ← 1988 Williams Swords of Fury Refurbish Bakelite Terminal Strip - Lg. Working through a pile of non working Data East CPUs and hitting a brick wall on this one. 00 $19. Be sure to replace the wires in the same position as the original coil and that the silver band on the coil diode is facing the same position as your old one. 1979 Gottlieb Genie Refurb. This really means is that I now own a game with a TY-FFASI board in it Find the Pinball Parts You Need for Williams Bally and Data East Pinball Machines . Both old and new pinball machines need regular maintenance and cleaning to stay in the best condition, and most pinball machines will require some type of repair now and then. Pinball machine repair from the experts Opto Board Set – Receiver / Transmitter (SEGA, Stern) 520-5173-00 & 520-5174-00 Flipper return spring for Data East All functions have been checked by a trained pinball tech for proper operation. Bally, Capcom, Data East, Game Plan, Gottlieb, Sega, Stern, Williams  Data East/Sega pinball used a board set with minor differences from 1987 to 1995. Pinball Resource: Steve Young's Pinball Resource. It includes an additional blocking diode in the event the one on the board fails. When the machine is turned on, it takes 5 minutes to reset. Pinball Technical and Repair Questions Welcome to the Aussie Arcade forums. Ottawa Pinball & Arcade Repair Service. 00 Data East Robocop Pinball Tune-up & Repair Kit $88. 1990 DATA EAST ROBOCOP PINBALL FLYER $20. Data East/Sega/Stern Magnet Auxiliary Driver Board. Last Action Hero. Oct 16, 2013 · Data East Pinball CPU Board Repair #1 (+playlist) Posted by arcadeuk at 4:12 PM. 49 Buy The boards in Atlantis, which was after Williams bought Bally. Description. 95. Many dollars worth of game specific parts need to be purchased to complete a refurbish. Pinball Board Repair - with Free Estimates! All Williams, Bally, Stern and Data East Games! Repair Prices run at $90. Sep 22, 2012 · Bypassing a Data East / Sega DMD driver board - posted in Pinball Maintenance and Repair: I have a friend with a couple of Sega pins - Frankenstein and Baywatch - which both employ the larger, 68000-driven 192x64 dot DMDs. bally pinball test fixture. If you aren't up to repairing pinball circuit boards DataEast/Sega used three different playfield power boards. Jukebox brands, Rowe AMI, Rock-Ola, Seeburg, Wurlitzer. Data East NEW & USED Parts. 69 Games below already have an IC socket installed on the boards from the factory and are as easy as removing the old RAM and installing the NVRAM (then resetting scores/settings per the manual). New replacement Data East / Sega Pinball 520-5065-00 PCB. Williams/Bally reference #10-376. Pinball brands Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega, Stern and more. In electronic games, if the batteries mounted to the circuit boards were not removed prior to storage, circuit boards may need to be replaced, at significant cost. FOUND Data East MPU Board. Specializes in Data East and Sega. 1994 Data East - THE WHO'S TOMMY pinball . Problem Description This is a Lethal Weapon 3 pinball by Data East that was bought with many issues. 23 posts; The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard Data East, 1994; 0. This is the battery board for all Data East pinball machines. Most repair facilities will NOT repair your circuit board after it has been unsuccessfully repaired ("hacked") by you. 520-5078-00 Tommy Blinder Servo Board London, Surrey Kent, Sussex Pinball Repair & Service 11/28/2014 Sega/Stern White Star Repair ­ PinWiki PBB080-Gottlieb System 80 Pop Bumper Board (Small, but full of power) PPB001-Data East Playfield Power Board (PPB) SDB004-Stern White Star Driver Board . Game roms are for Time Machine. Alvin. 14. Now repairing Pinball PCBs. This board, like many I show on this page, was sealed with an “encapsulant” which prevents the bare copper from oxidizing. com, I quickly found that 2 resistors are known to cause problems for Data East display power. WDB089-Williams / Bally WPC89 and WPC-S Driver Board. It contains all the LED replacement bulbs for the game controlled lamps, general illumination (GI) and all the bulbs for the backglass. Pinball Medic Cleans, Refurbishes and Repairs coin operated and in the game room Pinball Machines from the following manufactures: Atari, Bally, Chicago Coin, Data East, Gottlieb, Game Plan, Sega, Stern and Williams and many more. Fun Games - Bi Plane - used - $200 Game Plan - SUPER NOVA. We service Minnesota and parts of Western Wisconsin. 00 – $ 35. We do not work on any bingo pinballs, Gottlieb System 1, Gottlieb System 80. Data East & Sega MPU/Driver Board. williams system 9 11 and data east. also a Data East made pinballs from 1987 to 1994 when it sold out to Sega. 2 Recommended Documentation. Used for Jun 15, 2015 · Phantom of the Opera pinball machine by Data East Repaired By Jestine Yong on June 15, 2015 I went with my friend Sav to look at this pinball machine as he valued my input. On the Big Game, it runs an m200 Stern MPU board. The benefits of our new board include the following: Plug and Play replacement Data East Pinball Power Supply Rebuild Kit for 520-5047-00We only use high-quality Nichion, Panasonic, and SC new stock capacitors. Common Data East issue. Bally / Williams, Custom ROM / EPROM Programming, Data East / SEGA / Stern, Pinball Roms, Service / Repair, System 11, WPC, WPC 95 Custom Rom / Eprom Programming $ 9. If we compare the 2 boards you can see the new board (shown on the right below) looks neater and tidier using newer components. 1976 Gottlieb Target Alpha Playfied Restoration. Bally, Stern Data East "Small and Medium Sized" DMD Power Supply board. Apr 09, 2020 · Our resident board specialist, Rob Illuiri, aka Gottlieb Rob, or simply “The Exorcist”, is highly skilled and fully equipped to repair and bench test all eras of Solid State Bally, Williams, Data East, Gottlieb, WMS/Bally, and Classic Stern Pinball Machines. Just turn the power off, remove the old IC and insert the new one in the right direction (this is crucial). This compression flipper return spring is tapered and will work with most pinball machines. com or call or text (860) 800-3210. There are two possibilities,its a 27512 or a 27256. Williams, Bally, Data East, Sega Stern Pinball Game Boards  This means if you have a circuit board from your game Pinball board repair: Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega. games. Blog Archive 2016 (16) April (12) Unplug the 6pin connector on the Sound board in the backbox and utilize the instructions found here to install the Data East Power Adapter. Arcade Machine Repairs. 9V Zenner Diode did not. Showing results page 1 of 3. This photo shows the eprom in the socket from the side. Utilize the molex end of the connector to power your pinball mod/accessory. Thankfully, these parts are used on display driver boards from Williams and other manufacturers including Gottlieb, Data East, and Sega, so they are handy to have around. Pinball LEDS - The flipper light strip is one of the best modifications you can add to your machine. Then drilled three holes in the board so the switch would press though the holes and be rigid on the board (1/8" bit). It strongly appeared to be a power supply problem. The boards in Atlantis, which was after Williams bought Bally. It is a direct replacement and requires no modification to your original board. 1994 Gottlieb - CLASS OF 1812 pinball . 00 Pinball Machine Circuit Boards and Displays for Bally, Williams, Data East, Sega, Gottlieb and Stern Machines. there are some of the. The majority of the kits and parts are for solid state games from the late 70s to mid 80s, but you will find a variety of generic parts for all games. Picture. 95 Pinball Machine Repairs & Upgrades. When you remove the eproms, it is important that your eprom puller or small flat head screwdriver is placed between the socket and the eprom, not the socket and the board. We offer a 60-day warranty on all pinball board repairs. 2003 Stern The Simpsons Pinball Party Refurb. Repair Connection: Pinball board repairs and good advice too. This auction is for a working Data East-02 cpu mpu. Playfield Power Board (PPB) used in most Data East pinball machines. 00 Add to Cart Get the best deals on Data East Collectible Pinball Replacement Parts when Data East Collectible Pinball Replacement Parts DATA EAST PINBALL SOUND BOARD 520 Data East Pinball Machine MPU Board for parts/repair, Atlanta, #324 Data East Tommy Pinball Machine Replacement Repair Rubber Ring Kit Black. Repair Connection, Pinball board repairs and good advice too. We have something on the high side of 10,000,000 parts available in stock in addition to what we can special order. Game Room Guys is one of the nation's top suppliers of quality Pinball Parts. The location of the lock lever on a Bally / Williams pinball machine from the mid-90’s. The CRANE drop targets are not resetting. game especially for the star. Call (248) 349-2954 | Email: cfh@provide. Data East Sega Stern We repair all Sega, Data East, and Stern old and new pinballs! In shop or your home. Design flaw of original boards fixed with double sided plated through holes to eliminate solder cracking.   Sep 13, 2005 · Archived from groups: rec. Data East Sega Pinball Power Supply Capacitor Rebuild Kit for 520-5047-03 Regular price $19. Cleaners - Polishing Products : Covers - Cabinet Pinball Armor-Northbrook, IL 60062 La EPROM de prueba de Data East tiene las siguientes funciones. This game is all most like brand new, and plays like brand new, cabinet and boards all look great. The DMDs do still work, but the display board for one of them is shot to the point of being probably irreperable, or at least in any economical fashion. Does your Data East Last Action or your Guns and Roses pinball machine keep blowing the fuses for your magnets? I have the tools and parts to repair most of the problems related to this. Also check out the people who worked for Data East list! Pack the board (s) in an anti-static bag. Topic Stats. 1987-1994. 00 test fee also applies to single board shipments that are "no faults found". Each board is pulled out one at a time, and all solder connections are re-flowed, board mounted battery packs are removed, and remotely mounted (Figure 3. 1988 Data East Time Machine . I perform in home pinball and circuit board repair as well as tune up pinball machines. 6v) He has been doing repairs on electronics and PC's for around 30 years. We are a centrally located in the Northeast. 99 This listing is for a set of Roms to upgrade your Last Action Hero pinball machine to the latest software version pinball board exchanges we are doing service at $55 an hour on newer pinballs williams / bally sys 11 - wpc - pinball 2000 data east / sega / stern and all newer boards The Star Wars Pinball coin-operated Pinball by Data East (circa 1992), and it's history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists, and census survey is brought to you by The International Arcade Museum at the Museum fo the Game. If you aren't up to repairing pinball circuit boards We repair all the major brand pinball circuit boards in our shop. The best one in my opinion being Data East's 1992 effort :D I also quite like the 1997 Sega Star Wars Trilogy. All functions have been checked by a trained pinball tech for proper operation. Left: the component (lamp) side of a lamp board. Williams System 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11. Pinball Machine Board Repairs. The reset bar under the targets was not Data East Pinball Machine MPU CPU 520 5003 03 Board. STERN PINBALL INC. For parts or repair. This is a new updated Power Supply compatible with most Williams System 3 thru 11 and certain Data East alphanumeric pinball games. 9 Apr 2017 For Pinball repairs at good rates in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast region. Feb 09, 2012 · Data East Lethal Weapon 3 - Various Repairs. Pinball Electronics from barakandl Repair & Conversion Kits Transistors and Transistor Kits Contact Form 6264 NVRAM Adapter For Stern, Sega, Data East, WPC pinball magic; data east. You might check your voltages with you  J5 (bottom center): data/address bus, +5 volt/ground to driver board; J6 (bottom left): switch matrix lines for coin . Since these pinball repair documents have been available, repair facilities are reporting a dramatic increase in the number of ruined ("hacked") circuit boards sent in for repair. Browse over 30,000 in-stock pinball parts at Marco Specialties Data East Data East; Game Plan PINBALL PARTS. The Best source for pinball parts The board kept blowing the F7 fuse. 9 Feb 2012 This is a Lethal Weapon 3 pinball by Data East that was bought with Photo: GI connector on power supply board replaced & wiring hacks  I finally scored my first pinball machine. This board works except for 4 digits on the displays. data east pinball board repair

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